You can find all of my DIY projects here!


The design on the top and the bottom of our monogram is relatively popular around the web.  I did have it tweaked a little by my favorite etsy graphic designer inkedpapers.  I asked her to give it more of a "garden flair or a leafier look" and this is the outcome.  I love it!  I also gave her the CMYK colors from our pocketfold invitations so she could match it.

It took me a while to settle on a font but I finally found one that I love and now its all finished!

Unity Candle

The unity candle was the easier project so far!   The only thing I changed was moving our names closer together so it would be more symmetrical when viewing the candle.  The price breakdown is:

* Plain Unity Candle Set from Hobby
   Lobby: $9.99 (after 50% off sale)
* Candle Holder Set from Hobby
   Lobby: $9.99 (after 50% off sale)
* Gold ribbon from Michael's: $1.00
   on clearance
   Total:  $20.98

Not bad considering similar ones can be found on etsy for $25 + shipping.

Aisle Runner (in progress)

Aisle Runner... (sigh)... this is my scariest DIY project!  I almost bought a monogrammed aisle runner on etsy from Cycling4aCure but decided to put my big girl panties on and try it out.  So I did a little research on what other girls did, freaked out a little and then sucked it up and started.

I bought my 100 ft aisle runner from Hobby Lobby for 50% off, with the total being $17.50

Next, I used publisher.  I custom set the layout to landscape and the page size to be 36 X 24 inches (equates to 3 ft X 2 ft).  Then I inserted my monogram picture, which is in PNG file format (but really any format will work, the other formats might print grainier).

I right clicked on the picture and clicked "format picture" and then when to the tab that says "size" and then to the section that says "scale".  I played with different percentages and eventually ended up at 550% X 550%.  It fit the entire page which is what I wanted.  I then clicked on "print preview" and it should look like this:


So it prints to 15 sheets of paper, not exactly the most enviornmentally friendly thing to do, but oh well.  Once they were printed I grabbed my nifty paper cutter and but them so that each paper lined up perfectly with the adjacent one and then I taped them together.   The end result is the picture at the top (that printed a little purpleish because my printer hates me). 

I layed the aisle runner over the paper and luckily its very sheer and the design comes right through.  I need to go back to Michael's/Hobby Lobby and get some paint for the project, so that is where I leave it... for now!

Photo used under Creative Commons from James Jordan